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Our current Sunday morning attendance puts us at about 80-85% functional capacity. With our current rate of growth, we would be out of seating space in the next two years

We may need to do so if the project funding takes longer than expected or we have accelerated growth. However, long-term this is not an ideal solution due to increased demand on staff and volunteers, and our desire to be one church family that is not divided by separate worship services.

The architects envision that if we add seating in the front of the sanctuary as well as in the back, our seating capacity would increase by about 60%. Current functional capacity is about 275, and the expansion would make room for approx. 400+.

A weakness of our current layout is that our various wings are connected by hallways that direct/move people but do not provide space to gather. This new addition would provide main entries into a brand-new gathering space, which would function as a central hub into the other various spaces. This expansion will make our campus feel like one building rather than multiple buildings connected by hallways, plus it would have multiple functionality capabilities on Sunday and throughout the week.

Preliminary pricing from a reputable commercial contractor based on the conceptual designs puts the project at roughly +/- $2.8 million. We will seek several proposals from commercial builders once the architectural blueprints are made. Our financial goal as a church is to raise $3 million.

We have been debt-free on our current building for almost 30 years. That means that we have all benefited from the financial commitment that past generation shave made for us to enjoy our current property/building. It is incumbent upon us to take up the commitment to expand & build for the future. We are confident that this expansion/renovation will serve the church and community for decades to come. 

Our goal is to fund this project through every-member commitment to tithes and over-and-above financial gifts. We would rather not finance any of this project, but if need be, that will be decided by a vote of the congregation at a future congregational meeting.

All building expansions require funds and lead to higher expenditures, yet such investments also yield dividends in return. Our excellent financial committee made up of elders, deacons, and church members is committed to making prudent financial decisions so as to further (and not hinder) the mission of the church.

The enhancements are manifold: new entry space; new gathering space before/after worship & throughout the week, expanded men & women’s bathrooms, newly enhanced & secure check-in space for nursery & children’s ministry wing, new entry into the fellowship hall, renovated sanctuary space, additional sanctuary seating, greater handicap accessibility, and fire-code upgrade. This expansion/renovation will upgrade and unify the whole campus.

The front of the sanctuary would be reduced and simplified to no longer have a stage. This renovation would adhere to our theology that the worship of God is not a performance. The choir and musical instrumentation would be placed in the front (beside the pulpit) and the choral anthems would take place from the floor in front of the pulpit.

The timeline will be determined by project funding, with the optimal scenario aiming to secure funds over a year and potentially break ground in late 2024 or early 2025.

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